Manage Pi-hole easily

Enable / Disable Pi-hole

The beautifully designed user interface, let's you enable/disable your Pi-hole easily

Multiple Pi-hole's

Have more than one Pi-hole? No problem! Easily add multiple Pi-hole's

Check Stats

View the most important metrics of your Pi-hole instance

Custom Disable Buttons

If pre-set 4 options are not for you, you can add your own disable buttons

Dark Mode

Philly changes its appearance based on the theme of your device.

Detailed Graphs (Soon)

Check every information on your Pi-hole's web interface home page

Customize Your App (Soon)

Choose your color theme and customize Philly as you wish

Smart Watch Apps (Future)

Own an Apple Watch? Use our Apple Watch and Wear OS apps to quickly enable/disable Pi-hole

Quick Actions (Future)

Just touch and hold to Philly icon to access quick actions